WPC | Daniel McKinney, PE, President

“With completion of the Readiness Center, I wanted to thank you for the way you and your personnel conducted themselves throughout the project. As you know, this project was extremely difficult and almost everyone suffered financially. The true test is how we work together under the most difficult of situations. Everyone can get along and perform beyond expectations when there are few problems and no financial issues, but when it is extremely difficult only the best survive and have the ability to get the job done. Keystone Masonry was truly one of those subcontractors who maintained the highest professional conduct in the face of all the challenges and provided a truly spectacular building. I don’t know all the individuals who worked on the project but I know, from what I’ve seen and been told by the WPC team, that Keystone is the best masonry contractor in the area. Please pass on WPC’s gratitude for the perseverance and competence your personnel exhibited on this project. I’m not sure anyone could have performed as well as your organization and I wanted you to know that we truly appreciated your efforts.”

Absher Construction Company | Greg Helle, Executive Vice President, Operations

“I have had the privilege of working with Keystone Masonry on numerous projects for a number of years. The quality of the craftmanship has always been excellent. I specifically use the word “craftmanship” because that is what we have received from them. Whether it is hard bid, Design Bid, or privately negotiated work the care, quality and craftsmanship has been excellent. We can always count on Keystone to deliver on time, and quality product. I especially appreciate the Top to Bottom emphasis on safety and customer satisfaction. We look forward to the opportunity to work with them on other projects in the future.”

AndersonBoone Architects | Neil A. Meyer, AIA, Principal

“AndersonBoone Architects was extremely privileged to have Keystone Masonry on the scalable and visibly prominent “Sixth & Woodland” building project. They presented alternatives and solutions that took the project to the next level without compromise. We know that having Keystone Masonry on our team will lead to our visions coming alive brilliantly and effectively with masonry. We sincerely look forward to continuing our relationship with Keystone Masonry.”

BLRB Architects | Kit Burns, AIACSI, LEED® AP, Associate Principal

“BLRB has worked with Keystone on a number of projects over the past ten years. We have found Keystone committed to quality work and committed to ensuring successful projects. They have been innovative helpful in maintaining both schedule and quality of the projects. We look forward to working with them in the future, they are part of making our projects successful.”

BNBuilders, Inc. | Peter Ottele, LEED AP

“We appreciated the high level of craftsmanship by Keystone Masonry. This was a difficult masonry project that required a lot of coordination with other trades and the architects and Keystone did a great job of working with the team to solve issues before they became problems. Also, we had a demanding schedule for this project and they manned up the project accordingly to complete the masonry and stone work on schedule.”

Contractors Northwest, Inc. | Ken Tucker, Project Manager

“Contractors Northwest, Inc. would like to thank Keystone Masonry, Inc. for their outstanding work performance at the WinCo Foods – Kent, WA project. Contractors Northwest, Inc. and WinCo Foods, Inc. greatly appreciated the high level of professionalism and work ethic that was displayed by both office personnel and on-site craftsmen. We consider it a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with you and look forward to any future projects that we may be able to work on together.”

Department of the Army, Seattle District, Corps of Engineers | Susan K. Sherrell, Contracting Officer

“I note with great pleasure that your firm received an outstanding performance evaluation for construction of the referenced contract. Few contractors earn this performance rating. Northwest Area Office rated you outstanding considering the project’s quality control, timely performance, effectiveness of management, and job safety. Your team and subcontractor team members provided a tremendous facility to the customer. Your efforts enabled training of soldiers from the 1st Stryker Brigade prior to their deployment to Iraq. You can be proud of your accomplishments. Please convey my appreciation to your entire organization and subcontractors for a job well done. The Resident Office asked that I particularly recognize Cary Wilson, Gary Ruhle and Steve Kathman, for their fine effort of bringing this project to its successful completion. Your subcontractors, particularly Totem Electric, Inc. and Keystone Masonry, Inc., all provided commendable support to your and my organization resulting in an extremely satisfied customer. Thank you for making this project so successful. Good luck with your ongoing and future Government contracts.”

Fletcher Farr Ayotte, Inc. | Hal S. Ayotte, AIA, Principal

“Having worked with Keystone Masonry on the Paradise Inn Rehabilitation at the Mt. Rainier National Park, I found that their commitment to excellence and their attention to detail is second to none. Keystone’s attitude on architectural comments where always positive and I would recommend Keystone to anyone who wants excellence in masonry.”

MW BUILDERS OF TEXAS, INC. | Aaron Hoelscher, Project Manager

“On behalf of MW Builders, I would like to thank Keystone Masonry, Inc. for their exemplary performance of installation of the masonry and cast stone on the above referenced project. Keystone demonstrated their ability to maintain safety, quality, and schedule standards throughout the duration of the project. They worked well under adversity and maintained their focus to reassure both MW Builders and the USACE of their standing as qualified masonry professionals. I would be obliged to provide any reference that may be requested by future clients of Keystone Masonry, by contacting me at (254) 534-3712 or ahoelscher@mmccorps.com. Again, I would like to thank Keystone Masonry and their project team for a job well done.”

Pease Construction Inc. | Loren Pease

“We have been doing business with Keystone Masonry for over 10 years now. When they are doing the masonry for us, we are extremely happy. Keystone is well capitalized, uses the most modern equipment, employs the finest union craftsmen and provides experienced management on all their jobs. We take great pride in introducing Keystone as our Masonry Contractor to our clients. We have the utmost confidence in their ability to work safe and expeditiously, they are the gem of the industry.”

Skanska USA Building | Dave C Smith, LEED® AP, Senior Project Manager

“Keystone did an excellent job at the Good Samaritan Project. The team was very professional in the way they planned, performed, and administered their work. Their commitment to safety was top-notch. I would highly recommend Keystone. Great Job!”

W.G. Clark Construction Company

“Thank you for your part in making the St. Martin’s project a success. Students have moved in and everyone is pleased with the residence hall spaces. We appreciate the work that your firm contributed to the construction process. Your skill, attention to detail and commitment to meeting a challenging schedule helped accomplish the goal of finishing two buildings before the start of the 2005-2006 academic year. We look forward to working together on future projects.”

Walsh Construction | Steve Schneider, General Superintendent

“We all discuss subcontractors and their performance, but it’s not too often we get the opportunity to work with sub that goes above and beyond the expectations as Keystone Masonry has. Back in 1999 Bill and I built a project in Tacoma called South Hall at PLU, which was student housing for the university. Fast forward 13 years, we received a call from the PLU’s maintenance staff to inform us that some of the brick was moving. After visiting the site, it was apparent some brick had separated from a few of the windows, possibly due to settling, or a direct result of the Nisqually quake a few years back, but more than likely the root cause was a sloping brick ledge that in today’s world would not be in our best interest to build. Steve Borman (Keystone president) and I met on site to review the concerning areas. After reviewing the situation, Steve commented that he would fix the issue and agreed to absorb the entire cost to include materials. You might ask why we or Keystone would fix something that is 13 plus years old? It’s simple, we built a building that has a condition that is not holding up as well as it should, so we stood up to the plate and fixed the issue. We have many great partner subs and I’m happy to say I would endorse Keystone as one of the best. If you get the opportunity to include Steve and Keystone on any future masonry projects it would be in your best interest.”

Andersen Construction | Craig Holt, Project Executive

“I would like to start off by thanking Keystone Masonry, Inc., as they have been steady and driven to not only support the Whidbey Health Project but also provided the highest quality of work at all times. They were true partners on the job in every aspect of the term and just did their work without conflict, or concern. They also went the extra mile with mock ups to assist the client in making decisions. At the end of the day they did a great job, were great to work with and our entire team would look forward to working with them again.